Say Goodbye to Blockages

Schedule sewer jet services in Greeley & Kersey, CO

When your drains are slow, over-the-counter chemicals only offer a temporary solution. Chances are high that the blockage will come back in the near future. Reliable Rooter Service offers sewer jet services in the Kersey, Colorado area.

We use a high-pressure water jet to clear away any blockages and sediment so your water can flow freely again. Sewer cleaning takes care of:

  • Sludge and debris
  • Grease buildups
  • Root blockages

Choose an environmentally safe way to clear your pipes of blockages. Call 970-573-9132 today to learn more about our sewer jet services in Kersey, Colorado.

Routine service keeps your pipes clear

Routine service keeps your pipes clear

Regular water jetting helps you maintain clean pipes and sewer lines. That means fewer service calls to your place of business and less downtime. We'll eliminate any accumulation so you don't have to worry about your drains flowing slowly or clogging.

Contact Reliable Rooter Service today for help clearing sewer blockages in Kersey, CO.